• Today there is a great demand in the entertainment industry. People love watching movies and are keen to watch most new movies. In some ways I think due to the busy schedules everyone has, they are looking for some kind of entertainment at the end of the day and thats exactly what movies provide them with. Watching a movie is a great way to let out steam after a long day at work. We can just kick our shoes off, jump on to our couches and enjoy a movie. Be it serious movies or comedies. They are always entertaining. Besides being entertaining many movies prove to be educative or informative which again is interesting to watch. It can brighten up a boring week day or provide great entertainment on a relaxing week end. There is no doubt that everybody just loves and appreciates a good movie.

     With the increase in the number of viewers of movies or rather the audience, more movies are being produced. Very often, two to three movies are released at the same time. Besides the usual Hollywood movies, the latest thrill in the film industry is the animated movies. Animated movies are believed to be kiddies movies, but that is no longer true. Tons of adults are crazy about animated movies. Couples along with their kids flood the movie halls to enjoy animated movies. Another version of movies that are popular is the 3D movies. These movies are increasingly popular. The 3D version makes the people connected with the characters. It also brings more life to the movie. Kids especially enjoy this version. It is a super success among audiences of all ages. Due to the success of both animation and 3D, producers are now combining both versions. They prove to provide more entertainment for the masses. Animation never seizes to thrill its audience and everyone cannot help but admire the 3D format. 3D animation has now become common. It has left the audiences asking for more. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that all of this has been developed over the years. Technology is steadily being rediscovered and so many new technologies are coming into being, one better than the other. Technology doesnt seem to stand still; it just keeps evolving and evolving. Thanks to evolving technology, we get to watch some really entertaining movies and can enjoy the 3D Animation format.

     What is so special about 3D I hear you ask? Well the 3D format definitely brings more life into the movies. It makes it feel more alive. The characters seem alive and with you. Animated movies too are widely popular because they show you something you dont get to see in real life. Here in animated movies, you see dogs talk, chicken sing, rabbits cry, horses talk and the sun smile. Animation is popular because it really explores different possibilities. It makes you think, what if! It is very interesting. Also it is believed that the animated movies are providing serious competition to movies made with actors. Many actors and actresses fear that they may not have a happy career thanks to the invention of animation. According to them there is hardly any margin for error where animation is concerned. You dont have bad acting when it comes to animation. In fact the acting in animation is top. All you need is good voices and most animated movies have some of the best Hollywood actors lending them their voices. When it comes to acting by individuals, not many can say they are perfect. In fact acting is tough and all the actors are continuously under scrutiny by the audience, for a movie to be successful acting will play a keen role. If the acting is good, you can be ensured that the audiences will enjoy it even if the story line isnt that great, on the reverse, if you have a great story line but it isnt accompanied by brilliant acting, you will find that the audiences wont be watching your movie. With 3D animation, there is no problem. The acting is always top notch and people enjoy it. 3D animated movies are a sure short success most of the times unless the story line is very poor. But almost every time, animated movies receive good





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